Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sunday 13th September - Wednesday 16th September

Sunday 13th September

Today we went swimming at the PEMPS pool at 11am which was good fun. Went with the hostel kids and had to act as a life guard as the teacher didn’t have a clue on how to save someone which is understandable. Fortunately no-one drowned.

After lunch I took the kids to go play football, cricket and basketball. Even the girls joined in for the first time because I’m a guy from England. By the time the kids ran out on energy it was dinner time.

Monday 14th September

Today I was working with the small disabled kids. I am starting to feel that I cannot be creative with them because they are either to disabled or because of the system in place. Hopefully I will be able to do arts, craft and sports with the hostel kids at the weekends and during the holiday.

After work I caught the mini-bus taxi back to the hostel which was good fun. Although they speed like crazy down the less busy roads. All the white people I have spoken to say never to catch the taxis because the taxis are very dangerous; however in Jo’berg and Pretoria many of the white folks get the taxis. I think it is do with race problem. The teachers were advising against it, and exclaiming they weren’t being racist over catching a taxi, bit odd hey?

I am currently in search of buying malaria tablets without prescription. Need to go find a chemist now, bye bye.

Tuesday 15th September

Today at the enrichment centre as the main activity I helped the kids to cook keish which turned out very nice. The rest of the school day went as normal. Starting with maths/literacy, going on to saying good morning and talking about the weather, then the main activity of the day, break time and ending with playtime.

In the evening we were told to help out at the school play backstage and look after the kids until their parents picked them up. The aftercare part was very hectic as the kids had been eating a lot of sweets so they were 'bouncing of the walls’. Keeping them in one room was impossible so I just let tire themselves out running around the field. After a couple hours most of them ran out of energy.

Wednesday 16th September

After work we organised a meeting with a guy named Tiaan Nel who got in contact with the interviewers daughters friends friend. He has offered to take us around and has contacts in many useful places. When we met him he took us to the pharmacy where he new a guy and managed to get us malaria tablets without prescription. He then took us down to the cafĂ© ‘mug and bean’ where he introduced us to his friends. He and most of his friends are solicitors or training to be. After having a very nice iced coffee with cream he took us back home and asked us to come for a braai on Saturday.

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