Sunday, 6 December 2009

Monday 5th - Friday 9th October

Work all week and watched films in the evening. Work starts at 7:30am, but get up at 6am to get a shower etc. We get picked up at 7am round the corner from PEMPS hostel. Teaching finishes at 13:00pm, after lunch at 14:00 I teach Lesedi for an hour and have 2hours off, work in Aftercare which is to look after the kids until they are picked up at the lastest 5pm and working in the Enrichment Centre doing small jobs for Sue (boss) or Ruth.

Sunday 4th October

After a late night out I could not be bothered to do much so watched films most of the day and walked to Chicken Licken for lunch which ended up cold by the time I got it home. After a day of nothing constructive I went to bed early as we start work again in the morning.

Saturday 3rd October

During the day I went into town to buy some food as I have ran out. Tom and Colin went to return the car in the morning. In the evening we went to a 'night club' to go see our neighbours band play live. It was in a small farm hall outside of town. The gig was very good and me alot of new people. After they finished playing some of us went to another bar called Pioneers which didn't turn out to well. One Dutchman went and hit Toms leg after twisted his ankle at the gig. They started to come out with a load of rubbish in badly spoken English, such as this is South Africa not England which was a bit obvious. We had a big guy with us who was defending us and trying to get them to leave. Unfortunatly a fight broke out causing bloodshed, luckily we were not injured. The bouncers did nothing.