Monday, 26 October 2009

Friday 25th Setember - Tuesday 29th September

Friday 25th September

Today we booked ourselves in to do whitewater rafting, costing R280 for 3hours and lunch. We all had a good time although the rapids weren’t very good. Along the river there were many signs about hippos and crocodiles in the area but fortunately we didn’t see any. Once we finished here we drove to Hazeyview where there had been rioting only days before – there wasn’t much here apart from a few cafes so we drove over to Graskop instead, which is internationally renowned for their pancakes. I didn’t try any as they were too expensive.

Saturday 26th September

Late in the morning we drove to our next stop at Blyde River Canyon backpackers which we stayed at for 2nights. Because it was such a hot day we did not do much apart from going to the local shop to buy some meat and get some lunch at the take away, which we waited for 45mins for!! When we arrived back at the hostel we chilled out by the horrible green pool and read my book.

Early in the evening we had to make a braai from scratch as we had no fire starter which was good fun to do! We met some other backpackers who joined in; they were from Norway, Oman and America.

The hostel is split up into sections, we stayed in the 3 bedded shelters which was surrounded by the outback or you could stay in the main building.

Sunday 27th September

We had a very lazy morning today and left about 10ish to go to Blyde River dam which was very impressive and in a very beautiful area surrounded by mountains and dense forests. I have taken some pictures and will put them up on facebook. After going to the dam and the museum we drove over to the animal rehabilitation centre which was very good and interesting. At the start of the tour the guide gave a speech about how all the natural habitat is disappearing and that Kruger National Park is far too small for what the animals need to migrate. The guide went onto to talk about how man has polluted rivers, hunted animals to the brink of extinction, and destroyed their habitat. This did put me off going into Kruger as well as seeing the animals I wanted to see at the re-hab centre and not being able to afford entrance fees.

Monday 28th September

Late morning we headed over to the reptile park which was very good! We saw lots of snakes, crocodiles, turtles etc, and had a lot of talks about different types of snake and what to do if you’re bitten etc.

After this, me and Colin were in desperate need of an ATM and the closest one was 15Km away, and that been stolen – literally, the robbers blew it out with dynamite! So still very low on cash.

In the afternoon we went to ‘Forever Resorts’ to camp there for the night. We stood out big time! I probably being the poorest person their, all the other campers were rich Afrikaners with their big tents, and generators, while we had a 3man tent between 5of us! In the evening we went for a buffet which fortunately takes card. At the resort they had many activities to do such as 3swimming pools, one being heated, mini-golf, trampolines, paint balling, and family activities in the evening.

I decided to sleep outside as there wasn’t much room and it was pleasant weather. Slowly the weather worsened, was becoming cloudy, and very windy. The wind was making beautiful sounds down the valley brushing past the trees. Eventually it got to windy so I slept in the car which wasn’t very comfy!

Tuesday 29th September

We woke at 4pm as the others wanted to go to Kruger National Park early and to book accommodation for 3nights. They dropped me off at the backpackers where I slept in the kitchen till I cook check in. I got my room in the chalets and went straight to sleep! It was a lazy day, most of the time I was sleeping and read my book. I took a walk over to my local shop and cafĂ© which is about 6km south. I brought some beans, bread and canned meatballs which tasted foul. After getting back I went to sleep again, read my book, had dinner of bread and beans, and didn’t wake up till the morning.


Saturday, 24 October 2009

Saturday 19th September - Thursday 24th September

Saturday 19th September

I have also noticed people are discriminating because they think because they are white they will get mugged/stabbed etc. Or if they get a mini-bus taxi they will be beaten up or even killed. However, I have not had any trouble with them…yet. I have found the whole social side to South Africa so far very interesting even though I’v only been here for 3weeks. I have the rest of the year to decide my social idea of the country.

Wednesday 23rd April

1st day of our holiday! We set of for Sabie which took about 4hours with photo stops along the way. For the first 30minutes it was a desert color, the grass was dry, sandy etc. And the next moment the environment and suddenly changed to lush green grass, trees, valleys and mountains. We drove through the magnificent mountain range and impressive forests. They mountains and the lush green forests went for as far as the eye could see. It was very beautiful!

Once we arrived we drove over to the three waterfalls – horseshoe, Lone Creek and Bridal Vail. Photos have been taken. The waterfalls were absolutely beautiful however we had to pay R10 (90P) entrance fee. In Sabie, we stayed at the backpackers called BillyBongos. At BillyBongos the owner had his own pet crocodile in the garden! I was also told of riots happening in the centre of Sabie where a security guard was killed by rioters from the townships complaining about services. The day before we arrived apparently there was a march of black demonstrators in their hundreds marching past the hostel. Also the rioters blocked off the Hazyview entrance to Kruger National Park with glass and burning tires.

Thursday 24th September

In the morning we went to MacMac pool which is a natural made pool. The weather was very hot and sunny. Many people there were having braais with their family and friends, and it was a very nice atmosphere. We just had an apple and an orange to eat. The water was very cold so no-one swam, so we decided to go in. After spending a few hours there we traveled over to the Pinnacle which is a giant rock standing up tall in the middle of the valley. Photos have been taken. The views were very impressive!

After the Pinnacle we traveled to ‘God’s Window’ which had even more impressive views up the side of a mountain. Although it was a bit cloudy at the top we could see for miles in a 360degrees view. There was a high density of trees all over the valleys with random patches of open land.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Blogspot on my phone

I have just found that i can access blogspot on my phone and will be able to do updates from here. However it will not pick up on mistakes. It is much cheaper to use internet on my phone that to go to an internet cafe!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Friday 18th September

Friday 18th September

Final day of school before the 2 week holiday. Most of the day the kids were playing and not doing much, as well as free ice-cream was being given out. After work, some of the teachers plus us went to the bar for a drink where we saw a completely different side to the teachers. At school they would act professional and the moment they’re out they are ‘more relaxed’ about what they say.

At their flat I had my 2nd dinner which is becoming more common now to eat at theirs, which was Wors (sausage) and pap. My day of food usually consists of cereal for breakfast, pap and vleis for lunch at work, dinner in the hostels and most nights have some very good food at Bonay’s flat. I never go hungry!

In the evening Colin + Tom from Potolkwa (something like that) came down to stay the night. We all went down to Bonay’s flat for a few drinks (and didn’t get drunk), her brother also had some friends round. By the time we went to bed it was 2am the next morning.