Monday, 12 October 2009

Friday 18th September

Friday 18th September

Final day of school before the 2 week holiday. Most of the day the kids were playing and not doing much, as well as free ice-cream was being given out. After work, some of the teachers plus us went to the bar for a drink where we saw a completely different side to the teachers. At school they would act professional and the moment they’re out they are ‘more relaxed’ about what they say.

At their flat I had my 2nd dinner which is becoming more common now to eat at theirs, which was Wors (sausage) and pap. My day of food usually consists of cereal for breakfast, pap and vleis for lunch at work, dinner in the hostels and most nights have some very good food at Bonay’s flat. I never go hungry!

In the evening Colin + Tom from Potolkwa (something like that) came down to stay the night. We all went down to Bonay’s flat for a few drinks (and didn’t get drunk), her brother also had some friends round. By the time we went to bed it was 2am the next morning.

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