Monday, 21 September 2009

Friday 11th - Saturday 12th September

Friday 11th September

Day before weekend! I was at the guys flat last night and they invited me to a 6pm - 6am walk for cancer. Fortunately I had the afternoon off which gave me a chance to get ready. I had a good time, met lots of new people and the food was very good. We walked around the school field which was marked out by paper bags filled with sand and a candle to show respect for those who died or suffer from cancer. Altogether it close to a thousand people had turned up . Towards 2am the temperature dropped significantly.

At 4am when I woke we all took a candle each and the power was turned off. The scene was spectacular! All you could see was the flickering glow of the candles. Its hard to explain the atmosphere at the time but you really felt you part of something.

Saturday 12th September

I arrived home at 6:30am with very little sleep and we straight to bed. At 10am I was woken up by Tom and Colin taking pictures of me. Tom and Colin are also PT volunteers based an hour’s drive away. When I eventually got myself ready we started to plan our holiday to Kruger National Park and the surround townships.

We then walked to Savannah so the guys could use the internet. From here we caught the taxi over to the airport to hire a car for our holiday. Its costing us nearly R1000 each for 10days. This is about 10pounds each.

Now I have a better idea of the way round Polokwane I can describe to you what there is around here and where things are situated. Starting with PEMPS hostel, which is situated between two one-way roads. The safest route to Savannah is heading against the traffic for 6blocks (about 30mins walk). Savannah is a expensive shopping mall but have very cheap internet and cinema plus books shops, cafes, supermarkets, phone shops and amusements.

The safest way iv been told to get into town is walking the opposite way to Savannah. So to get into towns have to turn left out the hostel and down three blocks. In town there is everything we need, nandos, clothes shops, video shops, butchers etc.

To get to PEMPS swimming pool we have to turn right and right again then go up one block then one block to the right. I will be adventuring around more and will try and keep you up to date with what I find.

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