Friday, 18 September 2009

Sunday 6th - 10th September

Sunday 6th September

Today was a chilled day. In the morning I woke up at 7am to watch a and eat breakfast while the girls were still asleep.
After breakfast I started to clean the kitchen which was disgusting!!!! The bench and draw handles were all dirty. After giving them a wipe down the cloth was black with dirt!

After showering I took the computer down to see if Rogan could connect the computer with his so I could put my blog on an usb stick but unfortunately that did not work. We can only use floppy disks that a lot of places do not use anymore. Hopefully work use floppy disks.

Most of today I have spent downstairs in the guys flat while the girls relaxed up here. In the afternoon I helped the girls to finish cleaning. Now it’s a considerable amount cleaner than before.


Monday 7th September

This week I will be working with Lesedi. Today was just a normal day, however at 10am Vanessa Haywood who plays the main role in District 9 which is a South African made film that has gone world wide. She came to see Lesedi because they are friends. She has been to the Mitchell House Enrichment Centre when it first opened a few years back. For the rest day of the day it was back to normal.

Tuesday 8th September

In the morning there was a reporter from the local newspaper came to take pictures and interview us. We will hopefully be getting it in the next few days.

Thursday 10th September

In the morning there was no electricity in the black due to an apparent car crash making things feel interesting and back to basic as we had to do everything in the dark because the sun had not risen.

Work was good fun as the kids were more cheerful and full of giggles from the LO (Life Orientation) lesson. The topic we covered today was about telling your parents about boy/girlfriends. The teacher made me put my views forward, which the kids found strange but amusing.

Once school finished at 1:30pm it was my turn for aftercare (looking after the kids until their parents picked them up). By the time I got it was about 5:30 which is much later than normal. I ran into the kitchen to ask the awesome chef whether I could have my dinner in my flat, I then went to pick up my new Samsung phone + sim which I brought on Wednesday. However, the network was down so I had not registered my phone. I got down to Rogan’s flat and dragged him out to come with me. We ran 4 blocks to the shop with 5mins to spare.

In the evening the girls went to see the play Joseph. I spent the evening writing up my blog and down at the guys flat. When the girls returned we watched the new Star Trek film on dvd.

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