Monday, 16 November 2009

Wednesday 30th September - Tuesday 2nd October

Wednesday 30th September

Woke up at about 7am but couldn't use the showers or kitchen as they were being cleaned in 'African Time'. African Time is things done very slowly, or if they miss a bus they will wait for the next bus however long it takes. I’ve been told this by numerous people.

I went back to my reading book for the next few hours until they have finished at about 10am. I got myself ready and walked over to the local cafĂ© which are approx 6km away, where I ate a chicken mayo pie and read my book. I took my malaria tablet which didn’t make me feel to good. I got back to the hostel and sat on the grass and read more of my book till the sun went down behind the mountains at about 6pm. For dinner I ate cold beans as I wasn’t feeling to good after the tablet.

Thursday 1st October

In the morning I decided I would spend the day walking in the mountains. I chose a hill to walk up not to far away and set off all ready and determined. I walked over to Forever Resorts (approx 14km, hitched most of the way) which backed onto the mountain. However, unfortunately where it backed onto the resort there was a river dividing it. Instead I took a nature walk had a swim, and spent a while talking to the girl behind the food stand to pass the time. Before it got dark I hitched a lift back to the hostel where I read my book for the rest of the evening.

Friday 2nd October

The others came to pick me up after they went to Kruger Park. It took us 3hours to get home. In the evenings I watched a load of films.

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